torstai 15. helmikuuta 2018

Nordic winner 2017

B&S judge was Carina Rapp Andersson, sweden

                                 Hejw-17 CAC  BM4 Jettyspoof's Frozen Mojito
BM3 Jettyspoof's Too Cool For You
EXE3 SQ Jettyspoof's Gwendlas Topaz
EXE2 SQ Jettyspoof's Too Hot To Hold
EXE Blithely Almoust Famous
EXE4 Jettyspoof's Too Hot Too Nice
VG Jettyspoof's Sparkling Bollinger
VG Jettyspoof's Frozen Steppers
BOB breeder and shortlisted at 15 in big ring ( judge Irina Poletaeva )

BOS Nordic winner 2017 Jettyspoof's Oh So Sweet
BM2 Jettyspoof's Piece Of Cake

Big congrats to owners <3

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