keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2018

White litter will be born about 20.8.2018

Father Rujch, Ru ch, ww-17 Feelings Clemante, clean eyes check in finland 18.6.2018

Mother is Fi&Ee&Lv Ch Jettyspoof's Piece Of Gold clean eyes, 0/0 knees

2x INT show at Luige Estonia 16-17.6.2018

16.6. BOB Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz
17.6.2018 BIG 3 Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz ow Katariina Yliheikkilä

Kotka 17.6.2018

Judge Leni Finne
BOS CAC NORD CAC Blithely Almost Famous ow Nea Tolonen and Elina Kuusela
BM2 Jettyspoof's Too Cool For you ow Family Snellman
BOB nord cac Jettyspoof's Just Right 0w family Laakso

Salo 16.6.2018

BM2 Jettyspoof's Too Cool For You ow Sabrina and Susanna Snellman

Forssa 10.6.2018

Judge was Kimmo Mustonen

BOB Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz
BM2 Jettyspoof's Too Cool For You
BM3 CAC Blithely Almost Famous
BF2 res CAC Jettyspoof's Too Hot to Hold
BF3 Jettyspoof's Cava Codorniu
BIS1 breeder Jettyspoof's

tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2018

Miniature schnauzer specialshow 9.6.2018 Espoo

BIS 1 breeder Jettyspoof's B&S

BIS4 breeder Jettyspoof's white
BIS 2 puppy Jettyspoof's Halloween King
BOS CAC Jettyspoof's Frozen Mojito
BM2 Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz
EXE1 SQ Blithely Amost Famous

BOS Jettyspoof's Piece Of Cake

Estonian schnauzer special show at Luige 3.6.2018

BIS 1 Progeny Gwendals Coka Cola

BIS2 Breeder Jettyspoof's B&S
BIS2 puppy Jettyspoof's Halloween King

BIS3 brace Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz and Jettyspoof's Cava Codorniu

BOS Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz
BM2 BOS JUN Jettyspoof's Frozen Mojito

BM3 Jettyspoof's sparkling Bollinger

BF2 JUN CAC Jettyspoof's Cava Codorniu

EXE2 SQ Jettyspoof's Too Hot Too Nice
EXE3 SQ Jettyspoof's Frozen Sangria

BM3 Jettyspoof's Piece of Cake
BF3 Jettyspoof's XO Gautier

Estonian winner 2018 at Luige

Estonian junior winner 2018 BM3 jun CAC Jettyspoof's Frozen Mojito ow:Minna Rantanen
EXE1, SQ, CACJettyspoof's Sparkling Bollinger ow Veera Bovellan
EXE2 SQ, BF4 jun CACJettyspoof's Frozen Sangria ow Sussi Virolainen
EXE2, SQ Jettyspoof's Too Hot Too Nice ow Riitta Aaltonen
BOB breeder Jettyspoof's
Estonian winner 2018 BOS CACIB Jettyspoof's Piece Of Cake ow Tuula Okko-Pajula
BOB puppy Jettyspoof's Halloween King ow Mari Pajula

Group show at Luige Estonia 1.6.2018

Judge was Anne Sume
BIS 2 breeder Jettyspoof's

BM3 CAC Jettyspoof's Sparkling Bollinger
Big thanks to Veera Bovellan who handling them herself <3