sunnuntai 18. maaliskuuta 2018

Miniatre schnauzer in Finland 2017

Dog of the year 2017
1 male Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz O: Katariina Yliheikkilä

2 Jettyspoof's Too Cool For You o. susanna ans Sabrina Snellman

5 Jettyspoof's Sparkling Bollinger O. Veera Bovellan

2 female Jettyspoof's Too Hot To Hold o Nea Tolonen

6 Jettyspoof's Too Hot To Kiss o Mia Puska

7 Jettyspoof's Gwendals Sapphire o Nina Haverinen

NR1 B&S Breeder Jettyspoof's ( nr2 all colours)

1 male Jettyspoof's Piece of Cake o Tuula Okko_Pajula

2 female Jettyspoof's Oh So Sweet o Minna Rantanen

4 Jettyspoof's Top Model o Nea Tolonen and Riina Rantsi

5 Jettyspoof's Piece of Gold O Nea Tolonen 

NR1 white Breeder Jettyspoof's ( nr4 all olours )

SUPER BIG thans to all owner who make this possible 

Wellcome to Finand and our Team...

Female Dominion Sharm Bright Zest

Wellcome to Finland and our Team ...

Male Wlanimus Gift Of Heaven ( Wlanimus Alien Invader_ Stars of White Night Una Bella)

Riga INT 17-18.3.2018

BOS CACIB CAC new Lt Ch Jettyspoof's Showstar owner Virve Viljanmaa-Vuohio
BM4 Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz

BM4 Blithely Almost Famous
BIS 5 Breeder Jettyspoof's

28.2.2018 Litter born

Father FunFlash Euphoric Wonder and mother Jettyspoof's Too Hot To Hold 1+1

2 weeks old <3

Vilnius INT 2-4.3.2018

2.4. 2018 BOS JUN jUN CAC Jettyspoof's Bollinger now he is EE&LT&LV& Balt Jch

BOB CACIB CAC Jettyspoof's Piece Of Cake

BOS CACIB CAC Jettyspoof's Gwendals Topaz

BOS JUN jun CAC Jettyspoof's Sparkling Bollinger